Peanut butter Cookies

Peanut butter Cookies fresh out of the oven
Peanut butter Cookies-Baked
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Peanut butter cookies are the go-to cookie recipe in our household. The recipe is so simple to throw together; you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now. Additionally, due to the lack of flour, this recipe is gluten-free.

If you would like a little deeper dive into the history of Peanut butter cookies, you can dive in here. It isn’t a long read since Peanut butter cookies are a fairly recent addition from the United States of America. It will give you some idea of how this beloved cookie came into being.

There are floured versions of the recipe. Check out this floured version from our friends over at Preppy Kitchen. Since many people have gone gluten-free, please leave a comment if you try the floured version linked here; taste comparisons are encouraged. A little closer to home, check out these healthy treats here.

One change to this recipe is you can omit the chocolate chips. You can also omit the sprinkling of Sea salt. But do try the recipe as presented, after you do, you won’t make them any other way. Depending on your tastes, the peanut butter cookies recipe will work either with or without the chocolate chips. For more tips on this recipe, read on.

Peanut butter Cookies fresh out of the oven
Peanut butter Cookies-Baked
  • Refrigerate your dough overnight if possible or, at least, for a couple hours. This will help the cookies keep their shape during baking.
  • At a minimum, refrigerate your dough in between batches.
  • While you can omit the sea salt, please try them with the sprinkle of salt. It adds a nice finish note for the sweet cookie.
  • Let the cooking sheets cool if doing more than one batch. The cookies will spread more on a warm baking sheet.
  • If you would like to make these a healthier alternative, try the recipe using natural peanut butter.
  • This recipe can easily be doubled if more cookies are desired.

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