Birthday Doggy Donut

There is a beautiful tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog living in Safety Harbor, Florida. On the occasion of his 12th birthday, his human custodian decided something special was in order. That something special is the recipe you have before you. Make these tail-wagging Birthday Doggy Donuts for your canine counterpart.

The Birthday Dude ready for his Doggy Birthday Donut
Ready for his birthday treat.

The recipe itself is very simple. The equipment needed is minimal; a glass bowl, wooden spoon, measuring cups and spoons. The one item I did not have on hand was a donut pan but a quick trip to the local Target took care of that. As for the ingredients, they are fairly commonplace and are already in your pantry. The possible exception might be the coconut oil but that ingredient is readily available at most most local grocers.

As stated, these Doggy Birthday Donuts are very simple to make. If you have children or grandchildren in the household, this is the perfect way to spend some family time. Have the kiddies dig in and mix the ingredients by hand. They can also pitch in and press the ingredients into the wells of the donut pan.

Finally, having the kids dip the donuts in the Greek yogurt and sprinkling them with bacon bits allows them to express their creativity and place their own stamp on these treats. Make these Doggy Birthday Donuts a family affair.

The final family member whose approval is needed would be our four-legged fur babies. It would be a very rare dog, indeed, that would turn its nose up at one of these treats. Make your dog’s special day truly special.

Doggy Birthday Donuts Breadcrumbs:

  • When filling the wells with batter, pack it tightly to fill the space. There is no leavening agent in this recipe.
  • Consider freezing the finished bake. When I made these, I placed them in the refrigerate and the yogurt layer disappeared into the bake.
  • These Doggy Birthday Donuts are edible. They just don’t taste very good; I tried them. The dogs gobbled them up.

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